Struddys Partnership Announcement

Struddys Partnership Announcement

Struddys Partnership Announcement


The North Queensland Sports Foundation is excited to announce our new Merchandise Partnership with Struddys for the upcoming 2020 NQ Games and extending into 2022.

The North Queensland Sports Foundation has had a long and prominent presence in our NQ Sporting communities. From the very first NQ Games in 1984 to now the largest regularly run multi-sport event in regional Australia the NQSF has significantly impacted the NQ sporting landscape. We rely on developing strong and reliable partnerships with suppliers and service providers to ensure the community has a positive experience.

The NQSF is very excited to announce our new Merchandise Partnership with Struddys for the upcoming 2020 NQ Games and extending into 2022. Struddys have an excellent team strategically positioned throughout Queensland and an outstanding facility that will provide top of the range apparel for the NQSF portfolio.

As a result Struddys will be the NQSF’s preferred supplier for all merchandise and apparel. The Struddys brand will be prominent throughout the range of product available. The NQSF is extremely confident our new partnership will value add to our portfolio and are looking forward to developing our relationship.

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Cr Maurie Soars NQSF Vice-Chair, Mark Tyrell NQSF Board, Cr Jessie Richardson NQSF Chair, Stephen Farrell NQSF CEO, Nick Page Struddys NQ Operations, Jon Sieben OAM NQSF Board, Judah Morris NQSF and Semone Farrell NQSF were all present to acknowledge the Partnership.

Struddys Apparel are proud to be joining forces with the North Queensland Sports Foundation for the 2020 Games. Here at Struddys we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality garments and this years Games Merchandise will be the best yet. This partnership is more than just providing apparel for the games, it’s about local corporations coming together to support the sporting community and providing competitors with opportunity pathways to succeed at a national level in their chosen sport.

When my beloved Valleys Diehards played North Queensland in the state league competition in the 70s, we would take a week to get over the physicality of the game playing against the NQ legends such as Vern and Frank Daisy, wow what players they were and certainly the most feared of their era. Being heavily involved in Rugby League over the years, sponsoring many League carnivals I am looking forward to getting amongst the wider sporting community.

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