Sahara Dempsey

Sahara Dempsey

Sahara Dempsey

My name is Sahara Dempsey and I am 16yrs old. I was first introduced to boxing at the age of 12. Over the past 4 years, boxing has helped me grow into the young woman I am today.

The things I have achieved such as winning 2nd in Australia, golden gloves v’ sing the top athletes, experiencing what others go through, travelling to different states and towns seeing their way of life.

I am now in 11 grade going to Pimlico state high school and working my hardest to be my best in school so when I leave, I leave without any regret.

Boxing has helped me learn how to become a leader for my people. I was always a shy, quiet kid. I never raised my hand in class, I never voiced my opinion or contributed ideas in group discussions. I was always shy and reserved. I never went on class excursions by myself, it always had to be with family or friends, or I wouldn’t go.

When I started opening up to my coach, talking to him openly and confidently, that’s when a whole new perspective came along, he taught me the values of boxing that it wasn’t just punching people but was the respect that came along with it. It taught me when all, different beliefs, different culture, boy, girl, come together as we are all one, we all loved sports, careers, projects we all train hard to achieve our goals.

Everyone is equal whether they believe in this or that, we as humans breathe the same, bleed the same, experience the same emotion we as people are still equal no matter what. The challenge that’s comes with it was the most rewarding thing as it teaches you in different aspects.

It could the highest feeling of winning and achieving and the lowest feeling of losing and failing but this has taught me that winning isn’t everything and losing and failing was not the end of the world but was the start of learning how to improve myself through boxing or even life itself. It taught me that it was an art that takes time and cannot be rushed or else it could fall, but you always have an option to rebuild back up then realize the mistakes that happen and learn from them instead of blaming anyone or anything. It took me awhile to realize but I realized this when I lost 3 fights in a row then won the next. It was the best feeling as I have worked on the moves for ages focusing on what to improve.

This has taught me to never give up even when you feel like failing cause that’s how we achieve. When you fall you pick yourself back up because there is always someone there helping you to achieve as you’re not the only one trying their hardest as well. Learning and experiencing all of this helped me realize the goal I want to achieve. I want to be the type of role model and leader that could be able to uplift the young and older generation.

I want to not only be a role model for my community but for all of Australia, teaching them the way of life through boxing, helping them, guiding them through life, influencing them to a better pathway, motivating them to achieve what they want.

Working towards small goals to then achieving the big goals no matter how big or small the goal is it’s how dedicated we are to achieving them. I want to teach people that there is always opportunity for everyone but it’s the choices we make to define if we waste that opportunity or take them and grow from them to better ourselves as parents or sibling or athletes or even as human beings.

Boxing has taught me how to be a young proud Indigenous/Australian athlete, teaching me the ups and downs of life through boxing. Teaching me to never give up as there is always a pathway for everyone no matter what career you choose. I never done this alone, the support and role models I had to look up to gave me the courage and confidence to build my character and become the leader I am today to be able go to and share the experience with the young, the old, the new, the experienced people out there seeing how hard they work gives me more motivation to continue.

I am now able to speak Infront of a crowd, to share my opinion, to give speeches. I learnt to never hold grudges but to move forward and let go of the past, creating new memories . This has taught me that boxing is not only fighting but boxing has respect and value that will teach you about life, while making a change one step at a time

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