Qunin Furnell

Qunin Furnell

Qunin Furnell

Quinn Furnell is a young girl based in Townsville North Queensland. While not normally associated with Ice Sports Quinn is a Figure Skater.

Discovering the sport she loved on her first visit to an ice rink during a family outing in Cape Town, South Africa, Quinn watched a young girl undertaking amazing feats on the ice. Having gone up to speak to the little girl and asking questions she discovered the world of figure skating and from then was hooked.

After returning to Townsville Quinn visited the Warrina ice skating rink to confirm this was what she wanted to do. After a delayed start to her ice skating journey due to the 2019 flood, Quinn worked her way through the ice skating levels.

Seeing her passion it wasn’t long until her first ice skates were bought allowing further growth in the sport. Despite missing most of 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, Quinn never lost her love for the sport and slid back onto the ice at the end of 2020.

With the support of the North Queensland Figure Skating Association, Quinn is hoping to further develop her skating so that in the future she can attend Queensland, Australian and International Championships and maybe even one day represent Australia at the Winter Olympics in figure skating.
Quinn also loves animals and participates in Hip Hop and Jazz dance classes and is learning to play the flute.

How important is it for you to have local competition like this event?

Traveling for competitions means I have to take time off school so having competitions here means I don’t have to have time of and spend lots of money

What’s your best piece of advice for athletes in your sport?

Lots of stretching and practicing and listen to your coach and parents

Who has inspired you the most in your sport?

I have never really had anyone until now, having been able to watch the Winter Olympics has been great to see figure skating on the TV. I have loved watching Kamila Valieva on the ice.

What part of North Queensland are you from?


What’s your favourite thing to do in Townsville?

Zip Lining off Castle Hill , Camping in Paluma, Dance classes and going to magnetic island and getting ice cream from all the local places like julietts and frosty mango

How did you start/get into this sport?

I fell in love with the sport in 2018 in South Africa going Ice skating for the first time ever and watching a young girl train, from then all I wanted to do was figure skate.

How long have you been playing/competing in this sport?

I started figure skating in 2019 just after the floods happened.

What are your sporting career goals?

Definitely the Olympics maybe doing the pair skating with Jayden

Are you competing in a few sports at the games? If so, what are they and how will you balance/manage this commitment?

Not at this time but in the future I’d love to do some AFL with it and hip hop dance

The NQ games are a great event to meet and socialise with other athletes, have you made new friends through sport?

Lots of friends and new partners to skate with in routines

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