Kevin Geissmann

Kevin Geissmann

Kevin Geissmann

I joined the Tsv 8 Ball Association over 10 years ago to have a go at 8 Ball competitively. During that time, I’ve risen through the ranks to an A grade player.

I have trialed to represent Townsville on a state level and have also regularly travelled out of state to get involved in 8 Ball competitions with other 8 Ball clubs throughout Australia.

I am also now lucky enough to be the Associations President for the 2nd year in a row.

What event will you be participating at the NQ Games?

8 Ball (Cue sports)

Have you ever competed in an NQ Games before?

No this is my first

How important is it for you to have local competition like this event?

I think it’s extremely important as I don’t think a lot of people realise we have a competitive league here in Townsville. I am hoping it will highlight our local talent, we have State and Australian reps and also an Australian champion Junior female player at the club. It’s a fun social atmosphere that suits players at all levels.

What’s your best piece of advice for athletes in your sport?

Get in and give it a go. Practice makes perfect and always ask for help.

Who has inspired you the most in your sport?

On a local level Mark Bradley and Kris Jones. They are inspiring players who have achieved so much. On a national level Jake McCartney and Rusty Wheeler, 2 brilliant players who are always willing to offer advice.

What part of North Queensland are you from?

Townsville local

What’s your favourite thing to do in Townsville?

Spending time along the strand at the beach and local restaurants and also playing lawn bowls in my spare time.

How did you start/get into this sport?

I used to play a bit of pool at the pub and I met some people who let me know that there is a competitive league here Townsville. I joined the club 10 years ago and am still going strong.

How long have you been playing/competing in this sport?

Over a decade

What are your sporting career goals?

Represent QLD in a Masters competition

Are you competing in a few sports at the games?

Just 8 Ball

The NQ games are a great event to meet and socialise with other athletes, have you made new friends through sport?

I have made and continue to make, many new friends through playing pool. Both locally and throughout Australia when I travel to competitions.

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