Jenna Arnett

Jenna Arnett

Jenna Arnett

I am a showjumping competitor in the 2022 NQ Games. My husband and I own and operate a small horse training and horse riding coaching facility in Bluewater, 30 mins north of Townsville.

I have been lucky enough to be involved with horses for the last 30 years, amateur showjumping for 20, and working within the equestrian industry for 15 years.

I have travelled to train and compete in Ireland, USA, Spain, Mongolia and have even ridden a racehorse in Sri Lanka onetime.

I have great respect for the mix of skill and mastery of adrenalin that is required to participate in Showjumping, and I enjoy championing the riders I coach to do the same.

What event will you be participating at the NQ Games?


Have you ever competed in an NQ Games before?

No, up until a few years ago, I was based in Mount Isa, North West Queensland.

How important is it for you to have local competition like this event?

Hosting the NQ Games in Ingham allows our clubs, competitors and facilities to showcase the quality of our sport here in the north. It’s a brilliant way to showcase our township and small businesses within and a great boost for the local economy.

What’s your best piece of advice for athletes in your sport?

Be humble and kind – to fellow competitors, organisation committee, judges, officials and to yourself

Who has inspired you the most in your sport?

I draw inspiration from the competitors who battle fear, finances, full time employment, fatigue and family commitments to get on their horses when they do.

What part of North Queensland are you from?

Bluewater, North Queensland

How did you start/get into this sport?

My Dad was always travelling to competitions when I was younger. I guess I just started to tag along with my pony

How long have you playing/competing in this sport?

20 years

What are your sporting career goals?

To be good enough to be good enough:-) Their is an infinite amount of skill and knowledge to be learnt within our industry and ShowJumping as a sport. My goals are to always be receptive to knowledge and to be presenting the best ride I can each time I do

Are you competing in a few sports at the games?

Yes, I also compete in the Equestrian sport of Dressage hosted by Townsville Dressage Club in Alligator Creek

If so, what are they and how will you balance/manage this commitment?

I have learnt that prior preparation makes all the difference. That preparation is applicable across all aspects from pre competition training, diet, logistics etc

The NQ games are a great event to meet and socialise with other athletes, have you made new friends through sport?

Absolutely. Having horses tends to take over your life. It also takes a certain sort of person to commit to jumping 400 – 600 kgs of horse flesh whilst we balance precariously on top. The dedication, compassion, grit and slightly nutty behaviour of other people that live and breathe equines really appeals to me.

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