Isabelle Trotter

Isabelle Trotter

Isabelle Trotter

Hi my name is Isabelle trotter, I am 20 years old and I have lived in Townsville my whole life. I work at Lanskey’s Saddlery, and I am fully involved with the committee of Townsville Dressage Club, which will be hosting the dressage section of the North Queensland Games.

I am an advanced dressage rider and compete up and down the coast with my warmblood “CJP His Lordship”

What event will you be participating in at the NQ Games?

I will be competing in Official Medium and Advanced Dressage.

Have you ever competed in an NQ games before?

No, this is my first time competing at the North Queensland Games and I am so honoured to have been chosen as an ambassador for the dressage sporting community.

How important is it for you to have local competition like this event?

I feel it is extremely important as it showcases our sport to a wider community and encourages riders from other districts to participate which is exciting!

What’s your best piece of advice for athletes in your sport?

Dressage is a never-ending journey, full of highs and lows. It is not about winning; it is how you felt riding the test you and your horse performed.

Who has inspired you the most in your sport?

My coach Tony Pickersgill is my biggest inspiration, he has the dedication to compete at a high level and is also there to help me every day. He is the president of the Townsville Dressage Club and donates many hours to promoting our sport.

What part of North Queensland are you from?

I was born in Townsville and have lived here my whole life.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Townsville?

I love attending Dressage competitions, anything to do with horses I am there.

How did you start/get into this sport?

I have loved and ridden horses from the age of 4 years old. I always enjoyed watching dressage, so mum took me to a few Townsville Dressage competitions and that is how it started.

How long have you been playing/competing in this sport?

I would attend dressage competitions when I was younger, which made me passionate and dedicated to dressage in early 2020. So, this would be my third year competing extensively in Dressage.

What are your sporting career goals?

My career goals are to continue competing at championship level locally and down south. I would like to reach Grand Prix and gain the experience to teach the younger generation.

Are you competing in a few sports at the games?

No, dressage is my only sport as this will be my first NQ Games, but I will definitely be out and about watching other sports.

The NQ Games are a great event to meet and socialise with other athletes, have you made any friends through sport?

Yes, North Queensland Dressage is a close-knit community! I have made many lifelong friends especially with the Townsville Dressage Club, we are all there to support each other like a big family.

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