2018 NQ Games Oldest Competitor

2018 NQ Games Oldest Competitor

2018 NQ Games Oldest Competitor

Joyce Britt who was born on 19.5.1931 and was the oldest competitor at the 2018 NQ Games. The youngest competitor at indoor bowls was born on 20.3.2009

Joyce was the ultimate competitor. She played for the win but was never too serious to throw in a joke.

Joyce won 2 silver medals for Indoor Bowls in the 2018 NQ Games. Both were in individual events. The Veterans Mixed Singles which is for 75yrs+ against men and ladies. She played 32 ends of bowls in this competition and there were 8 competitors.

Joyce followed up that with another 3 games of bowls to win silver in the Ladies Open Singles division which had 10 competitors.

A highlight for Joyce at the 2018 NQ Games was when she was asked to present the medals to the winners of the mixed pairs competition. She got a real buzz from that experience.

Joyce is an active member of the Mackay and District Senior Citizens Association and we are very glad of their support of indoor bowls in the NQ Games.

This is what the NQ Games is all about – encouraging active participation for all in North Queensland!

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